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Rental Information Form

For all reservations, including ones involving deliveries, please fill out the form below to schedule and confirm your rental. (There is a charge for delivery - $40 locally, $55 Yountville/Calistoga, $85+ Napa).  Call us if you're not sure of the location!

Reservations for our bike rentals are recommended as far in advance as possible.  Remember that we take the full rental payment at the time of reservation.  Once reserved, it's $10/bike to cancel, and we don't accept day of cancellations. 

We'll reach out to you within 48 hours of receiving the information form. If you need a bike sooner, please call us at the store: 707-963-7736. We generally need 24 hours notice for deliveries.  Details and payments for multi-day rentals and deliveries usually need to be finalized via phone.    

When you've completed the form, please click "Submit Form" below to make a payment and confirm your rental reservation.


Enter rider's height & rider's sex (M or F). Example: 5'11"M 5'6"F
(If renting pedals, please specify which pedals you require)